María Andrada – Vanderwilde

My best definition… Fashion archaeologist

MB by Mariandrada es, a Spanish slow fashion brand, aimed at women who want to feel unique, thanks to timeless, versatile garments with original fabrics and manufactured entirely in Spain.

M.B. It is a tribute to the two cities that have influenced me the most. Madrid and Barcelona

The inspiration for MB by Mariandrada is born from my passion for well-made fashion and the recovery of those styles that were once unique to bring them to life in the 21st century. Because, I do not seek to be fashionable, nor do I strictly follow the canons of what is worn or not, but I consider that what was beautiful when wearing will be beautiful now and always. I look in second-hand stores in Paris, London, NY, Lisbon, Madrid... here and there. There are still suits, coats, jackets, skirts that Balenciaga, Pertegaz, Sonia Delaunay, Del Hierro, Piña or Schiaparelli imagined, cut and sewed.

With limited editions, each piece of mine is unique, fabrics play a fundamental role in each collection, hence the sustainability of my garments, both because I use reused, ecological or organic fabrics and because I am obsessed with using them, where accessories are born , which complement my collections.

I work on quality, on care, on well-made, on meticulous cutting and sewing. The hands of my team of collaborators are all the technology I need.





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